Selection of the hottest hammocks from Colombia.

At El Auténtico Mundo de Hamacas, we sail in harmony with the values ??of our time, constant innovation, environmental sustainability and respect for our artisans.

Our suppliers in Colombia, in addition to providing their comfortable and unique hammocks, work closely with non-governmental and non-profit organizations to provide a smile to the most vulnarable communities.

Our industrial Colombian hammocks come mainly from Barranquilla, on the Caribbean coast.

From the indigenous Wayuu of La Guajira and the communities of San Jacinto come our most exclusive, luxury hammocks, all handmade on vertical looms. The chinchorros wayuu are known for the combination of  colors. From San Jacinto we bring beautifull doble hammocks, some of them even in natural dyes.

For the Wayuu women, "weaving" is much more than just a word: by weaving the yarns, you weave life and you weave dreams. Weave and join with nature and respect its cycles, a philosophy of life that they transmit though their weavings.

It is practically impossible for someone to feel uncomfortable or unhappy on top of a hanging hammock, in short, buying a hammock is obtaining a little piece of happiness.