Hammock Chairs Multicolor

A multicolor hanging chair is joy for your room, balcony or garden.

Our Lazy hanging chair produced in El Salvador, is made of 100% cotton.

The fabrics used to make our hammock chairs are generally woven on a manual loom, which prevents contamination of the environment.

The wood used in the dividers of the hammock chairs, Pinus Insignus or American Southern Pine, is imported from Honduras and Chile and comes from renewable forests.

Like all our hanging chairs comes with a certified wooden pole.

The size of the pole, 110cm and the size of the canvas, 120cm width by 175cm long, are very important for the hanging chair to be comfortable.

It can be chosen with or without cushion covers.

Since we have this hanging chair in the collection it has been a success and that’s why every year we get new designs.