Welcome to Mundo de Hamacas, the Authentic Hammock Store!

Mission & Vision


To build a bridge between a rich distant cultures and our world, where craftsmanship unfortunately is disappearing. In addition to selling handmade hammocks, our mission is to transmit a history, a culture, a journey and ensure that our customers will enjoy their hammock for a long time.

Our store is a link between the past and the present. We tend to always look ahead, forgetting easily the rich craftsmanship from where we come from.

With our shop, we contribute to that handcrafts do not disappear so that centuries old cultures continue transmitting their art to us. Contribute to a more diverse, more interesting and more just world.

We don't just sell, we want the hammock to be used, to be enjoyed, to accompany our clients wherever they go and to become a unique, special and valuable object, something essential in their lives. That's why, when selling a hammock we make sure that it will be well installed, we advise on maintenance care, that it is well treated so it will provide relax and happiness for many years.



To be the reference store in Spain for the most extensive collection of handmade and exclusive hammocks, made by authentic craftswomen from all century old hammock cultures.

Specialists in offering a truly unique piece of art, handmade, precious and rare, something difficult to be found on the Internet.



Rigour, honesty and criteria.

We want to offer pleasure and relax, not inconveniences. That's why:

We won't sell anything that the client doesn't want and if we are convinced that it won't be possible to install the hammock well, we will even recommend not to buy it.

We are not the cheapest. Exclusivity has a price: we sell high quality and really comfortable sized hammocks. Our direct contact with the artisans guarantees hammocks of great quality and durability.

We challenge ourselves every day to do our best to improve. A customer told us once something nice: "Your business does not harm anyone, with a store like this we are all a little happier."