Where are our hammocks made?

Our hammocks come from artisan looms of 5 different countries.

Handmade, delicate, resistant, skillfully woven, our hammocks are much more than an object for relaxation, they are the textile legacy and cultural expression of generations of craftswomen and artisans who keep alive a century old skill, that of weaving hammocks.

That's why, now that we are invaded by technology, and the label "handmade" has become something exotic, buying an artisan hammock is a good way to contribute to keeping alive a tradition and a culture of manual work that is environmentally respectful.

For a business like ours, which sells handcrafted hammocks produced in countries where the hammock is really part of the daily life, and which is aiming to make the world a more sustainable and healthy place, having artisan suppliers from 5 different countries has been and continues to be the basis of our project.

To obtain an artisan hammock is to take home a little part of paradise on earth.



Our Venezuelan hammocks are synonymous with quality, tradition, craftsmanship, caring and passion for colors. In our shop we offer you the hammocks of Tintorero and the chinchorros of the Orinoco delta.

The Tintorero hammocks are woven one by one with 100% cotton on handmade looms.

The chinchorros, made of natural fibers such as moriche y curagua, we bring directly from the Warao community in the Orinoco delta.



Our Yucatan suppliers, in addition to providing products and services, empower and promote the development of indigenous communities in Mexico. Mayan men and women thus perpetuate the tradition of weaving the beautiful and exclusive Yucatan hammocks, delicate and resistant and of great and subtle beauty.



Our suppliers in Colombia, in addition to providing their comfortable and unique hammocks, work closely with non-governmental and non-profit organizations to provide a smile to the most vulnarable communities.

From the indigenous Wayuu of La Guajira and the communities of San Jacinto come our most exclusive hammocks, all handmade on vertical looms. The chinchorros wayuu are known for the combination of colors. From San Jacinto we bring beautifull doble hammocks, some of them in natural dyes.

For the Wayuu women, "weaving" is much more than just a word: by weaving the yarns, you weave life and you weave dreams. Weave and join with nature and respect its cycles, a philosophy of life that they transmit though their weavings.



The best quality in semi-industrial hammocks. Woven with high quality cotton, these hammocks, besides being elegant and eye-catching, have a handmade macramé finish that not only makes them very strong but also gives them this unique and distinctive Brasilian touch, such as our Rainbows, Dunes and Tijubanas collections.



Our supplier in El Salvador use traditional production processes and are well aware that the artisans are the most important pillar of their company. Our multicolor Lazy hammock chairs collection is a living example of these values.