Summer comes and it's time to take a break. For most of us, that means disconnecting, traveling, and breaking routine for a few days. These are days to relax and then return with renewed energy. Summer is a time for traveling hammocks!

In our hammock shop we serve all kinds of clients: mothers, children, therapists, first-time fathers, decorators, hotels, stressed executives... And, of course, one of the groups we pamper the most: travelers and backpackers.

They know well that travelling light and with a hammock is possible and highly recommended! And in this post we are going to explain it to you.

The great challenge, to make THE BAGGAGE. And the big question, WHERE DO WE Sleep?

The journey does not begin the day we close the door of the house with the ticket or passage in hand. The trip begins when we begin to plan it, when we imagine it and trace routes with the help of guides and we write down everything we think we need to take with us and, above all, when we have to decide where we are going to sleep.

Travelling, going on an adventure, often means not knowing where to sleep. And the first thing that comes to mind is the mat and the sleeping bag, and at most, perhaps, a small pillow.

The great solution: A TRAVEL HAMACA

Whether you're going camping, going to a friend's house, going to the beach with your family, going backpacking on a route without a fixed route or going hiking, you're interested in knowing what a travelling hammock can do for you in your luggage. Of course, also if in summer you are only going to have Sundays or weekends free to make small getaways to the beach or the mountains.

There are hammocks for all needs depending on the type of trip or excursion: from hammocks to accompany you and sleep in forests and jungle landscapes, to hammocks to enjoy with the family on Sundays.

A hammock gives you a reduced sleeping space, takes care of your back and lumbar area, and will also make you sleep cool. You only need two support points to hang it and you won't have to worry about the ground, the wind or mosquitoes.

Read on, we'll explain!

Sleeping in a traveling hammock: all are benefits

  •  If you're concerned about protection, travel hammocks are often ultralight, hence their name, but to protect your lower back take the sleeping bag if it's cool.
  •  Mosquitoes and insects will not be a problem because some travel hammocks are prepared and carry mosquito nets.
  • If you are going to travel with a hammock to rainy and cold areas, it is also advisable to wear a rain cover to protect yourself from water and wind.
  • Travelling light is guaranteed, because travel hammocks are made of parachute fabric and are easily picked up and even have their own bag for storage. They are also breathable.

And finally, two advices  that we give to all our clients:

  • Choose well the dimensions of your hammock, make sure it is especially wide because it will be much more comfortable.
  • Sleep diagonally stretched, so that your back rests evenly and your entire musculature relaxes. That's what makes sleeping in a hammock so comfortable.

In this video we explain it well.


Now that you know everything you need to travel light and sleep well, when you stretch in your hammock surrender to its slight swing, you are not going to fall to the ground, that is not going to happen (as long as you have anchored your hammock well to the 2 points of attachment, of course).

The only thing that can happen to you is that the swing helps synchronize your brain activity and stimulates your sleep.

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