Travelling hammocks

Summer comes and it's time to take a break. For most of us, that means disconnecting, traveling, and breaking routine for a few days. These are days to relax and then return with renewed energy. Summer is a time for traveling hammocks!


Playful and therapeutic hammocks

We usually associate the word hammock with leisure and rest, but what we want to explain to you today is that the hammock is also an excellent therapeutic and playful tool at the same time.


The pleasure of reading in a hammock

Mafalda says that not reading is dangerous, because you will most probably believe what you are told. And it is true.

He who does not read does not know what he loses! Reading is entertainment, evasion and discovery. Reading nourishes us from within and is essential for the well-being of our brain and learning. But the most important thing is that, if that were not enough, reading gives us a time of tranquility and disconnection from the daily commotions.


Our cities, our stores

We found this Letter of the Week in the XL Semanal del Periódico magazine (03-03-2019).

We would like to share this reflection of Arancha because she summarizes in a few words a dynamic that we are experiencing in our day to day in our store, a recently new and worrying phenomenon of which we are all participants. If you are also concern pass on the message please!


From the palm tree the moriche hammock was born
Do you want to know where we bring our moriche hammocks?
In the Orinoco Delta, Venezuela, we find one of the most creative ethnic groups, the Warao.


And the spider taught them how to weave

In 2006 we were invited to the largest handicrafts fair in Colombia, three years ago we had started our hammock adventure, it was an incredible opportunity to meet artisans, cultures and learn a lot about hammocks, our passion.


Hammocks also heal

A public hospital in Campeche offers its patients the option of resting in hammocks.

The practice of medical anthropology seeks to adapt to the customs of the rural population, mostly of Mayan ethnicity.


Inés and the joy

In June 2017 Ines was born, we like to call her "Ines and the Joy".
From her very first weeks of life she enjoys her zebul hammock and she became an "addicted". We could not resist to share so much beauty and tenderness. We invite you to try it , your life and your baby's will change!



Moa in her new Siesta Chair
In these photos you see Moa, a 11 year old girl living in the Åland Islands in her new Siesta chair. 



Brief history of the 'hamaca Yucateca, hamaca de red. Yucatán-México
When one thinks of Yucatan, the Mayan culture and its great buildings come to mind, the wide gastronomy, the color of its typical costumes and the beauty of its dancing, but the Hammock also comes to mind. This artifact is the maximum product of its artisans, which many think has a Mayan origin because of its ingrained.