The most exclusive hammocks

The most exclusive hammocks in the market

At El Auténtico Mundo de Hamacas en Barcelona desde 2003 we have a selection of the most exclusive hammocks, completely handmade, they are unique hammocks and you will not find them easily.

The wide variety of colors, textures and patterns of our exclusive hammocks will give a new life to your garden.

We are committed to economic, social and environmental sustainability, respecting the idiosyncrasies of peoples, their cultures, their traditions and basic human rights, that is why our handmade hammocks comply with these principles.

From Colombia the Wayuu chinchorros or hammocks of La Guajira and the hammocks of San Jacinto in the state of Bolivar.
From Venezuela the hammocks of Tintorero, a small town in the state of Lara; the chinchorros de moriche made by the Warao in the Orinoco delta and the chinchorro de curagua, made by artisans from Aguasay, a town in the Monagas State.