The Wayuu Hammocks from Colombia

The Wayuu hammock, the most amazing handmade family hammock on earth.

The chinchorros, made by the Wayuu indiginous of the dessert of La Guajira, are considered as the real top-top jewels of the crown!
These handmade, family size hammocks are in all senses the most impressive and elaborated hammocks in the world.
It can take the artesanas between 4 and 6 month of very specialized handwork to finish one of these beautifull king size hammocks, depending on the techniques applied.

The Wayuu ethnic group on La Guajira Peninsula claims that it was the spider named Waleker who taught them how to weave their air beds.

Consecrated artisan, she always had her fabrics ready at dawn and it was also the one that showed them the abstract designs with which they usually adorn them.

Los chinchorros Wayuu are by far our most expensive hammocks but considering the handlabour, the high quality materials and the absolute exclusivity of every hammock justifies the price: collectors item that will last (more than) a lifetime!