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The Authentic Mundo de Hamacas online shop presents you the most exclusive and unique South American hammock collection. Our traditional hammocks are woven with high quality natural materials which guarantee great comfort and durability.





We keep our special offer: shipping cost up to 10kg in Peninsula, 5 euros only.

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We produce our own High Quality Hammocks and Hanging Chairs in collaboration with artisans from Brazil, Colombia , Venezuela and Mexico. We are also specialized in designing and manufacturing Hammock Stands and offer a wide variety of accessories for installing both Hammocks and Hanging Chairs.



• We ship orders within 24/48 hours throughout Spain.

• We rent hammocks and stands for commercials and movies.

• Contact us for any query at +34 933 175 115

Whatsapp: +34 658722312


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Briefly about our hammocks ...
We have decided to specialize in hammocks that have more size in width then the regularly offered hammocks.

You will find in our collection a variety of single, double and extra large hammocks, the last ones for the really tall people or couples that like to spend a cosy afternoon together in their hammock.

Pay attention to the width and number of tension ropes when purchasing a hammock.
The width of a hammock is very important for comfort and weight capacity reasons. The most comfortable way to use a regular hammock is at an angle, diagonal, or even across. This way your body spreads the hammock out and allows you to lie flat ensuring better distribution of weight and better support and comfort for your back.

Which size hammock is the most comfy? For persons up to 1.60m we advice a hammock with a width of 135cm, for persons up to 1.75m (5'9") we advice a width of at least 165cm (65 inches), for persons up to 1m95 (6'5") a minimal width of 185cm (73 inches) and for taller persons a width of at least 190cm (76 inches) like for instance our Venezuelan XXL handmade hammocks.

The carrying capacity of our hammocks is about 200 kg (440 lbs). Most of our XL hammocks have a carrying weight of 300kg (661 lbs). The individual hammocks like the Yaguas (M) and Hawaiana series and the Mexican #4 are the only models that have a carrying capacity of 120kg (265 lbs).





Visitors from outside of Spain: if you like to order our products we recommend you to contact us by email so we can personalize the shipping rates for you.

We have now very interesting shipping prices within the EU.

If you would like us to advise you more detailed on hammock sizes, hardware, installation or any other (technical) issue, we invite you to have a look at :Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)







We have had a lot of requests of people for hammocks for small spaces to be able to hang a hammock indoors, on a ship or a small balcony. We have developed a special collection of short but spacy hammocks! Have a look at the colourfull the Rainbow corta and the Ranchos Super corta.

Tip: If you are looking for a special (wedding) present ... have a look at the Tijubana, Ceara or Emperatriz You can surprise with an original, romantic and above all a very comfortable gift.

Tip: Ask us for the ultra light hammocks, they are great for travelling!

In our collection you will not find the typical American or Mediterranean style hammock (with wooden spreaders on the sides). We are hesitant to promote these types of hammocks because they are instable and have the tendency to flip over easily. For safety reasons we do not recommend them, to be handled with care especially for children!

And last but not least ... We like to offer the same personal approach through the internet as we do to the visitors in our shop. We invite you to contact us by mail or phone if you have any doubt or question and we will try to find the solution for you.

Welcome to the world of hammocks!

Amalur, Noelia & Jan


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